Connection to Country

Connection to Country is an expression of my sense of place within the diverse landscapes of the Murray & North East Victoria region … my happy place.

Abstracting the Bush

Organic, natural plant materials from my local area have been used to create these vibrant monoprints.  Building the images layer by layer enables me to reflect on the Japanese appreciation for nature and its fleeting beauty.

Banksia Series

A contemporary series showcasing majestic banksias, their glorious candle like flowers and spiky foliage are both beautiful yet hardy.

Cyanotype Prints

Response to Leonard Cohens iconic song ‘Anthem’, celebrating its powerful lyrics and the message of hope in darkness.


Botanical inspired works for an exhibition titled 'Paperworks'

A Conversation with the North East

Works capturing bold and distinctive images of the beauty, harshness and fragility of our rural area.

Pods, Foliage & Flowers

This collection features an abstraction of textures and shapes of various seed pods, flowers, leaves and natural patterns.

Blue Gums

Monoprints are the perfect choice for my series 'Blue Gums', each print like the gums leaves is unique.
Working while the leaves are fresh records a fleeting moment in time.

Italowie Dreaming

No matter the place my eye is drawn to the form and structure within the landscape and horizon line. 
By deconstructing these forms and structures and recreating the landscape with observational drawing, textures, shape and repetition, I attempt to create a sense of place and space for the viewer to enjoy.

The Italowie series is a deconstructed dry creekbed in the Flinders Ranges.

O.Scribula Series

Working with organic shapes taken from graphite rubbings of the tracks of the Scribbly gum moth on the gum trees at Chiltern National Park.


The thing I’d dearly love to learn

Is what makes every Ogmo turn?

Off to the left, then to the right,

Another about turn, very tight ...'

 Extract from The Scribblygum Moth by Graham Alcorn


Arkaroola Dreaming

Arkaroola is the common name for the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary situated in South Australia.

Warby Wanderings & Hotham & Beyond

While walking through the Warby Ranges I am always on the lookout for interesting forms and shapes. Incorporating leaves and other natural elements onto the printed plate allows me to experiment with colour and layers.

Dargo's Garden

These monoprints of foliage and flowers were collected from walking tracks on Mount Hotham.

Chinaman's Island

Chinaman's Island is a nature reserve on Lake Mulwala with abundant birdlife.