Landscapes created for the 'Paperworks' solo exhibition

Rocks and Roots

Mixed media inspired by travel and local environment

On The Surface

Works produced for the exhibition 'On The Surface' – a group show of printmakers from around the North East area of Victoria. Inspired by my local environment and focussing on our iconic gums. Whether a waterhole, a granite outcrop, farmlands or just driving these majestic trees dominate our horizon. They are an integral part of the texture of our land.

Our precious natural habitat can sometimes be harsh and foreboding and yet they can be a haven too – full of wonder and life.

Majestic Gums

The Water Hole & Cockatoo Dreaming

I love the challenge of reworking strong images and morphing them into another print.  My focus is still the waterhole at Boatrock including universal symbols for water and feathers found at the actual waterhole.