In this series I am looking at the overlapping similarities between the laws of different cultures. The aboriginal creation beliefs written by Bronwyn Bancroft In the dreamtime ‘The Beginning of Life’  particulary inspired this series.

"In the beginning the earth lay sleeping, nothing grew, nothing moved. The animals, birds and reptiles lay sleeping under the earths crust. Then one day Mother of Life, the Rainbow Serpent awoke and broke through the earths crust moving the stones that lay in her way.


Rainbow Serpent made the laws that all were asked to obey, some grew quarrelsome and were trouble makers. The Rainbow Serpent scalded them saying “Those who keep my laws I shall reward well, I shall give them human form, they and their childrens children shall roam the earth forever. Those who break my laws I will turn into stone and never walk the earth again. So the law breakers were turned into stone and became mountains and hills to stand forever and watch over the tribes hunting for food at their feet.


But those who kept her laws turned into human form and gave each of them his own totem of the animal, bird or reptile where they came. Each tribe knew themselves by their own totem."


Bronwyn Bancroft In the dreamtime ‘The Beginning of Life’