Pods, Leaves & Foliage

This collection features an abstraction of textures and shapes of various seed pods, flowers, leaves and natural patterns.

Eco Prints

Nature's Gifts

I love the unpredictability and uniqueness of botanical contact printing or eco printing as it is known; creating beautiful one-of-a-kind contact prints. Eucalyptus leaves are lovingly wrapped in cotton rag paper and simmered in a dye pot to release the natural dyes from the foliage


Connection to Country

Connection to Country is an expression of my sense of place within the diverse landscapes
of the Murray & North East Victoria region … my happy place.

A Conversation with the North East

Works capturing bold and distinctive images of the beauty, harshness and fragility of our rural area.

By working with collected foliage I capture a moment in time before the beauty fades and disappears into the undergrowth’

Abstracting the Bush

Organic, natural plant materials from my local area have been used to create these vibrant monoprints.  Building the images layer by layer enables me to reflect on the Japanese appreciation for nature and its fleeting beauty.

Relief Prints

Dreaming Series

My Dreaming series expresses a sense of place and space of where I live, nestled in regional Victoria along the Murray, in particular Lake Mulwala.  Simplistic bold and colourful shapes inspired by Matisse, the repetition of a river, the eerie dead trees in Lake Mulwala and bushland foliage evokes a feeling of quietness and contentment.


Painting and Mixed Media

Cyanotype Prints

Response to Leonard Cohens iconic song ‘Anthem’, celebrating its powerful lyrics and the message of hope in darkness.